The Pros and Cons of Instant Play Games

The online casino sector is an industry which is constantly evolving. And one of the main hallmarks of this state of continuous growth is the choice operators of online casinos are able to make available to their clients.

The instant play option is a key example of this, particularly since downloading casino software was once the only option available to clients.

In this article we take a closer look at the key features of this option as well as a number of its advantages and its drawbacks.

What are Instant Play Casinos and Games?

Instant play refers to the option provided by online casinos which allow clients to access their games and services without having to download their client software. Establishments which provide this option to their clients are often referred to as instant play or no download casinos while their titles are referred to as instant play games.

Benefits of Instant Play Games Instant Play

Instant play games come with a number of benefits which may make them preferable to downloadable titles. These include:

  • More devices:By selecting the instant play option at the casino you happen to be visiting, you will have the opportunity to not just use your laptop or desktop, but to also use your tablet. This is because instant play games generally do not take up as much memory or resources from your device, making it possible to play such titles on a wider range of them.
  • Instant start-up times: Because instant play casino games are capable of running on fewer resources and memory, loading times are minimal ensuring you are able to start playing your favorite titles within the shortest possible times.
  • Access to an increasing variety of games: Although certain online gambling websites still provide access to their entire games catalog via their software, an increasing number of them also endeavor to provide an impressive number of options via instant play. As a result, it is possible to enjoy a varied gaming experience at several reputable establishments.

Drawbacks of Instant Play Games

Instant Play

  • Partial games catalog access: Certain establishments only provide full access to their entire games collection via download. Several of them also provide access to their live casino games and tournaments via this means as well making it necessary to select this option if you wish to participate in them.
  • Technical Issues:The last thing you want when experiencing a winning streak is to experience lag or worse still, your browser freezing then crashing. Instant play games tend to come with a higher risk of such occurrences since they rely more on internet connectivity compared to downloadable games.
  • Quality of sound and graphics: Instant play games tend to incorporate fewer features to ensure they are capable of running as smoothly as possible in your browser. That may translate to a somewhat reduced quality in terms of graphic and sound effects. Downloadable games on the other hand, tend to provide these effects as they are able to incorporate their full range of features.

Important Points Worth Noting

More than anything it is your preferred style of gameplay as well as the available options at your casino of choice which will determine whether you might choose downloadable or instant play options.

However, as always, it is important to carry out the necessary background checks on any establishment you are interested in playing at with regards to licensing, fairness, payout percentages and customer service quality. Doing so will ensure that you get to enjoy the best online wagering experience possible.